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Behind The Scenes At Rescorp Services

Helping Your Business Build Success

Learn how virtual assistant services can help you in your hectic life by providing relief and support. Let our staff of knowledgeable experts assist you at all times in achieving your personal and professional objectives.






Our company’s fundamental commitment to the success of our clients rests at its foundation. To ensure that our clients may completely benefit from every task given to us, we work nonstop to create the most amazing virtual assistant services. According to us, true success can only be attained when the objectives of our clients are met above and beyond their expectations, leaving them in amazement of the expert handling of every assignment they have given to us.

Our main focus is the welfare of our esteemed team of professionals, whose contentment with our services is crucial to us. They will be both yours and our most precious asset. To ensure their growth and wellbeing, it is crucial to give them a supportive atmosphere.






Our operations are driven by a strong desire to have a good impact on the community. We are dedicated to making a significant difference, whether it is via the use of our professional experience or by just rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Additionally, we firmly think that everyone, including you, has the ability to contribute!






We are a virtual assistant services agency with offices in Ontario, California and Manila, Philippines. Our main goal is to work together with small business owners, solopreneurs, and real estate agents to assist them advance their commercial and marketing initiatives and generate a steady stream of customers that may support business expansion.

We keep it honest and transparent for clients, always. Which means we never sell out our values for anything.

Our Team

Alan Parcero the CEO and Co-Founder of Rescorp Services LLC

Alan Parcero

Co-Founder | CEO
Alyssa Gail Tolentino the President of Rescorp Services LLC

Alyssa Gail Tolentino

Raymond Hernandez the Operation Coordinator of Rescorp Services LLC

Raymond Hernandez

Operations Coordinator
Carlo Tayoto one of the finest client coordinator of Rescorp Services

Carlo Tayoto

Client Coordinator
Carlito Paderes one of the finest Client Coordinator of Rescorp Services

Carlito Paderes

Client Coordinator

Small Business Development

We collaborate with you to ensure that you get the outcomes you want.

We understand that you don’t want to lose money, but rather want to make more money during your stay with us. Mission-driven are all about purpose that matter, not just greedy personal goals that will lead nowhere.

The secret to success in building long-lasting relationships is understanding our clients’ needs.

We keep it honest and transparent for clients, always. Which means we never sell out our values for anything.

Our Purpose

Our focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful, and then helping you create a consistent flow of clients that could support business growth.

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