Inside Sales Agent + Virtual Assistant

2-in-1 Service


Anyone wanting for more flexibility in their lives can consider hiring an ISA/VA. Using an ISA/VA to increase productivity and develop your business is no longer a luxury – it’s on the verge of becoming a must.

Having a go-to person for almost all of your needs is a huge help to any individual or business. Our ISA/VA is rapidly evolving to give clients with greater capabilities and value. You can concentrate on the business rather than the paperwork that goes with it. You get more time to do what you do best, without having to supervise, train or worry about staff.

A reputable ISA/VA will not only complete all of your responsibilities on time and properly, but will also have the appropriate processes in place to meet your needs. Risk management measures to assist protect your business, procedures and systems.

We’ll work on tasks that you don’t know how to do, don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do, or both ad hoc and on-going admin support to small businesses and consultants so that you can focus on more important responsibilities, such as producing money, improving customer service, obtaining referrals, or bringing in new clients.

Key Benefits Of This Service

Rescorp Services Combo ISA + VA Services

Task Combined

They can prospect leads and organize your day at the same time.

Rescorp Services Combo ISA + VA Services 1

Better Coordination

Provides better coordination between your ISA's/VA's specific tasks. Less chance on conflicting appointment schedules.

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Balanced Services

Ensures that the work done are balanced between ISA and VA.

Utilize Our Services to Simplify
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Running a business can be tough, but we’re here to help. Learn more about our services today.

Our Purpose

Our focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful, and then helping you create a consistent flow of clients that could support business growth.

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