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Before the year ends, companies and businesses annually commemorated the tradition of presenting their highlights of the year. In this post, Rescorp Services conforms to the norm. Here are the 2022 Rescorp Services’ Pinnacle Moments:

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On the 2nd Of April 2022, with the good faith of Mr. Raymond Hernandez, the Operations Coordinator, the blessing of Rescorp Services’ office transpired. Office Blessing is religiously observed to pray for the company’s fortune, prosperity, and fruitfulness. This tradition reflects the unification of employers and employees to desire the success of the business, persevere in times of difficulties, and inspire the whole organization toward its goals. The photos above are the memories taken in commemoration of this pinnacle moment.

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One of the pinnacle moments of Rescorp Services this year is the first-ever launch of its official Training And Development called, Conference Meeting, quarterly held by Domingo Osabel, Jr., the Human Resource Coordinator.

The pilot event of this convention was in January, where the HR Admin conducted the Conference Meeting entitled, Excellence At Work, with the aim to inspire Rescorp’s agents to achieve their best and most significant performance. Then, the second highlight is the Emotional Intelligence Seminar held in August, to attain the objective of fostering professional empathy that ushers to healthy relationships within the workplace. Recently in October, Rescorp Services had its Assertiveness Training. A specific seminar designed to root employees in obtaining an assertive personality to achieve professional confidence and personal success in their careers.

Despite the words of encouragement provided in this Training And Development set-up, Domingo Osabel, Jr., believes that the greatest tool in adding value to employees is relationship. When a mutual-trust relationship is attained, true productivity is achieved.

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With the hosting ability of Franz Rovic Javier, the Brand Ambassador of Rescorp Services. The whole company welcomed its President, Alyssa Gail Tolentino, on the 26th of July 2022. This moment serves as a meet-and-greet opportunity for the employees, to-get-to-know-more about the President, and receive encouraging words. As President Alyssa quoted, “When you want to go fast, go alone. When you want to go far, go together.


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On the 24th of November 2022, Rescorp Services with the cooperation of Municipal Social Welfare And Development (MSWD), conducted a Local Community Charity in celebration of the Year Thanksgiving, in which they distributed fifty (50) grocery packages to citizens affected by the recent Typhoon and to the homeless. This event is the reflection of the company’s gratitude for its success throughout the year. The aim is not only to have a benevolent activity for the locale but also for the employees to attain meaningful experiences through this community engagement.

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The pinnacle moments of Rescorp Services in 2022 are closed by the tradition to celebrate its Year-End Gathering. A simple meal where everyone shares together in reflection of the company’s victory over the year and its courage to take a step forward to another one. In addition, Rescorp employees participated in Kris Kringle, a clear act to appreciate and be thankful for one another’s relationships, not only in the workplace but also on a personal level.

Truly, truly, this year has not only been about successes and mountaintops but also struggles and valleys. With this, the chosen pinnacle moments of Rescorp Services in 2022 are the reflection of both. The aspirations toward success and the opportunity to overcome setbacks in the process. The company, from its Admin Management to its employees, learned a lot this year. Nothing can beat the power of the T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More). With this, the firm is prepared to face 2023.


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