How To Work with Your ISA / VA

A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Success


Communication is key!

You have all the access to talk with your ISA/VA directly. The common platforms that we use are FB messenger, email, text or phone call.


Weekly Accountability

KPIs go beyond an ISA’s/VA’s measure of progress or stagnancy.  KPIs tell you what needs to happen to improve your ISA’s performance and whether or not having an ISA is profitable.  Did you set up the following before hiring?


Measurable goals and objectives

Your ISA/VA will do whatever they can to meet the goals and objectives you set for them. A good ISA/VA will be able to identify if there is a problem and make their own adjustments in order to meet your goals and objectives.



Your ISA’s/VA’s task is to help you lighten your work load. They do this mainly by organizing your day to day tasks so you can focus on the important stuff. They basically function as a secretary but with limitations of not being physically there.



Role-playing is a good way to identify flaws on your script and your ISA’s diction. It can also improve your teamwork by working together on weaknesses. You can simulate relaxed or stressful situations in a controlled environment and from there, develop a better script and better skill.


An expected return on investment

Having the right person on your team can be a real game changer. Hiring an ISA/VA is an investment, and as most investments you should nurture them. What’s great is that your ISA/VA will work with you as a team member and work out how to reach that maximum ROI.

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