Professional virtual assistants for your business.

Business is one of the greatest business consulting firms on the globe. We help global real estate associations with their most basic difficulties and prospects with our Professional Virtual Assistants for hire.

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We collaborate with clients from all over the world.

We recognize that you don’t need to lose money, but rather want to gain more returns during your stay with us. That is why we rule out any project with a significant risk of failure, which may result in a quick heap of money out of nowhere but lead to a primary capital’s misfortune the next.

Save your time for the things that are truly important to you.

Using plug-and-play services, collaboratively manage empowered markets.

Diverse Approach

We are your partner for helping your business grow with personalized strategies. We make life easier for busy individuals and businesses alike.
We function as a professional virtual assistant for companies and real estate firms needing assistance with administrative, social media, and logistical tasks.

Professional Team

We are a professional team that specializes in all areas of business including telemarketing, administrative, marketing, personal assistant, transaction coordination and project management. We offer our international clients innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs to increase revenue and reduce operating costs.

Comprehensive Programs

Our dynamic programs are designed to increase efficiency in your business, guarantee quality in your personal life, and maximize your time so you can take on the world.
We will build, promote and manage your business in the most efficient manner possible.

Result Based

Where do we deliver the most? In our client’s results. Let us work for you! You can trust that we will provide you with all of the services that you need to help your company succeed. Whether you need cold calling, lead generation along with data management, marketing strategies and content for your website, let us help you succeed!

Collaborations that result in authentic experiences.

You tell us what’s important and we’ll help you achieve what you’re after.

“Let’s Collaborate: Let’s turn your big ideas into cool and useful meetings and events. Our desire is to serve and deepen our relationships with you, so we can help you do what matters most to you. If this resonates, let’s have a conversation.”

Rescorp Services - Co-Founder and CEO Alan Parcero
Alan Parcero
Co-Founder | CEO

Premium Services

Our Company

Bring win-win survival techniques to the table to ensure proactive dominance. At the end of the day, it's all about moving forward.

Our company is dedicated to assisting you in your endeavors. We provide the Programs and Services you need to make your business rock, whether you need help with business planning, back-office support, or a shift of pace to higher-level executive action. We’ve had over 9 years+ of expertise assisting real estate organizations and related firms build success in their business and personal life, thanks to Ms. Madis Tolentino, who founded us in 2013. Our focus is on identifying areas where your company could be more productive and effective and then assisting you in charting a course to get there.

General Questions

What are the backgrounds of your virtual assistants ?

Our virtual assistants are familiar with the fundamentals of real estate investing or just have an interest in the field. Despite the fact that they will not be showing houses, they will play a significant role in the realtor's overall performance.

What are some things that you expect to get back from your investment?

It might be a game changer to have the proper individual on your squad. Hiring a VA is an investment, and you should treat it as such. What's even better is that your VA will collaborate with you as a team member to figure out how to achieve the most possible return in investment.


We partner with you to realize your unique potential, ensuring the desired results are met every time.

When do I hope to see my virtual assistant to become profitable?

To get the most out of your virtual assistant, consider the 80/20 rule.


You should concentrate on the 20% of tasks that provide 80% of your results. To put it another way, concentrate on your revenue-generating craft and delegate what's vital but doesn't require your attention.


Traditionally, measuring ROO (return on outsourcing) has been based on how many hours you can free up each week or month. It makes reasonable to spend up to $350 per week for help if you value your time at $70 per hour and can free up 5 hours per week, right?


Outsourcing is the only method for your organization to fully expand, grow, and scale up. You limit your opportunities if you wear all of the hats. Burnout is also a possibility, which can have a detrimental impact on both your personal and professional lives.


It won't take long for you to understand that hiring a virtual assistant is an investment, not a cost.

How would you rate your virtual assistant's cultural services experience?

The DISC Profile approach was used to evaluate all Virtual Assistants. This personality assessment assist us in determining which roles your Virtual Assistant will be most successful in and help you keep your business running smoothly, effectively, and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule to take care of these tasks.

I’m curious to know what accent you have. As this is an international group, it would be interesting to know your language background.

Our Virtual Assistants are based in the Philippines and speak English fluently. They are fluent in English and have strong communication skills because English is their official language.

How important is culture in finding a VA?

It’s one of the most important aspects when looking for a Virtual Assistant. Culture fit is required because your VA will be working with you directly.


Family, education, and loyalty are values that our Virtual Assistants share with Americans.

Onboarding is seamless and simple.

Our Team

Alan Parcero the CEO and Co-Founder of Rescorp Services LLC

Alan Parcero

Co-Founder | CEO
Alyssa Gail Tolentino the President of Rescorp Services LLC

Alyssa Gail Tolentino

Raymond Hernandez the Operation Coordinator of Rescorp Services LLC

Raymond Hernandez

Operations Coordinator
Carlo Tayoto one of the finest client coordinator of Rescorp Services

Carlo Tayoto

Client Coordinator
Carlito Paderes one of the finest Client Coordinator of Rescorp Services

Carlito Paderes

Client Coordinator

We are trusted by more Solopreneur/Broker/Realtor clients

Rescorp Services reinvents the team for an environment where authenticity is more important than ever. Discover more about us here:

Our Purpose

Our focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful, and then helping you create a consistent flow of clients that could support business growth. 

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